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Victorum Engineering designs superior HVAC test facilities that produce accurate results in minimum time reducing product development costs and time to market putting you ahead and on top of your competitors.
heat test facilities

Victorum designs heating product testing facilities that confirm the performance of heating products.  All testing conforms to all current American codes and standards.

psychrometeric testing

Victorum has designed facilities to test the performance of a full range of HVAC products.  Everything from residential to large rooftop units.

electrical controls

Victorum designs custom electrical controls that include PLC automation and interactive HMI interfaces that are easy to use and informative.


We design ducts conforming to SMACNA standards and have the ability to create fully custom, project-specific duct applications.  We also have expertise in leak finding, leak proofing, and duct air measurements.


Victorum can provide custom software that accurately models the performance of single phase, two phase, or other types of calorimeter systems in real time using the latest NIST or equivalent databases.  Victorum can revamp, refresh, and upgrade existing calorimeters  as well.  We can turn setup-heavy, complex, arduous test facilities into much simpler processes.

MISCELLANEous testing

Victorum also designs airflow meters (AFM) that conform to ASHRAE 41.2.  We have built anechoic and reverberation psychrometric chambers / sound rooms.  Finally, we have experience designing chiller testing facilities.

lab ANALYSIS software

Victorum has data scientists on staff to help you build a laboratory information system that helps you understand what is working within your lab and what is not working.  Utilizing Power BI our engineers build interactive data visualization dashboards by incorporating business intelligence and the data accumulated by your lab.  With these dashboards, you are quickly and easily able to view literally anything within your lab you desire.  


Victorum has LabView architects and engineers that build your graphic user interface and human-machine interface screens for your operators to run their lab testing.  These are custom-built screens that conform to your particular testing needs.

data acquisition

Using the LabView platform, Victorum engineers create custom data acquisition systems that gather all the data necessary for interpreting results and providing you with accurate results.

OUR MEthodology
Project Review
We will meet with you and discuss your exact project needs and goals.
Project Design
Our licensed mechanical PE’s and electrical PE’s design your project.
We assist in the construction of your new facility and are involved 100% in the testing and commissioning.
A few projects
Our portfolio is extensive. We have designed HVAC facilities world wide. From huge, 90,000 square feet facilities to small coil calorimeters, Victorum has the ability and experience to provide you with what you need. See below for a few of our most recent projects.
Clear Filters
Large Rooftop Units
Large Rooftop Units

Psychrometric chambers for large rooftop units

31 May, 2018 in Victorum HP Projects
Heat Test Facility
Heat Test Facility

Testing HVAC heating products

24 September, 2018 in Victorum HP Projects
Chiller Test Facility
Chiller Test Facility

Large facility for testing chillers

24 September, 2018 in Victorum HP Projects

Our Purpose, Vision and 



We exist to serve our clients.  We see you as part of our team and work to foster a relationship of trust and understanding.



We believe in being honest, being guided by strong moral principles, and taking ownership of our projects and decisions regardless of the consequences.      



We hold ourselves and our team to a higher standard. We benefit from the synergy that comes from being a high performance team, yet we always ask questions and relentlessly seek out new knowledge and wisdom.


Operational discipline creates freedom to be adaptable in all environments. We are a team of experts who can just as easily fit into a corporate design review as we can a machine shop. We never lose sight of the bigger objective and are constantly improving while achieving the long term results.

We are a group of engineers with a passion for all things HVAC Lab oriented. We love solving the complex issues that our clients have and seeing the satisfaction in their faces when their systems perform as they desire and require. In addition, we put safety first in every design. We are professionally trained and licensed engineers who go above and beyond to obtain additional training and credentials. It shows our commitment and determination to our clients.
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    testimonial-team (Demo)
    Director of Labs

    We had a complex system that was well understood by Victorum.  The project was a success in every way!

    testimonial-team (Demo)
    Engineering Manager

    The design was flawless and the commissioning was faster than expected.  Victorum is professional, qualified, and skilled at laboratory design!

    ASHRAE Annual Conference

    Dates: June 22nd – 26th

    Kansas City, Missouri

    2019 Focus Conference

    Dates: September 11th – 13th

    Fort Worth, Texas

    ACEEE 2019 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry

    Dates: August 12th – 15th

    Portland, Oregon

    Professionally Licensed Engineers
    Our licensed professional engineers validate our abilities. We guarantee that a professional engineer not only performs the work, but is involved in your project from start to finish. We have the ability to gain licensure in any US state. Below is the current list of states where we are licensed.